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We Build Interactive Solutions

Supporting the Needs of Heavy Industry

Supporting the interconnected interdependence operational challenges of the US Armed Services for a dispersed force.


Assisting our force to be ACE and MCA ready

Resolution 3D LLC is a US government-registered entity, SAM UEI: FBCMEYD1KLG3, CAGE Code: 55X62


As industries continue operating in dispersed environments more often than collocated, incorporating virtual reality technologies has become more commonplace. VR allows for the representation of all users in a 3D shared space with the ability to engage with each other, other virtual objects, and the environment and, through this, incorporate muscle memory through actual doing and manipulation into the learning experience. 

Specializing in immersive 3D interactive environments for Architectural visualization, engineering, planning, design development, training, and collaboration. We are developing partners in the future of Meta VR and HTC Vibe to develop the next level of virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) engagement. We are a full-stack developer from 3D model asset creation to software development within the game engine environment, combining our expertise in developing 3D models and environments and game engine programming. Whether you are involved in the US armed forcesenergy sector, resource development such as mining and Oil&Gas, or a corporate entity looking to gamify a training experience and are looking for an immersive interactive approach, we can help. 

About Res3D

Res3D was founded in 2005 in Anchorage, Alaska, as a local resource for high-end digital illustrations. The firm quickly became a fully-integrated digital interactive shop with jobs spanning sixteen countries. Under Dov Margalit’s leadership, Resolution 3D (Res3D) has been responsible for the design of many innovative digital interactive experiences including Cephalon Pharmaceuticals Interactive Media Traveling Exhibit; GE Measurement and Control, GE Oil & Gas, and GE Power (eight global customer application centers); ConocoPhillips Interactive Media, Mobile Application, and 3D Animations; State of Texas Multimedia Interactive Games to Promote Tourism; FOX Studios Immersive VR (Virtual Reality) Experience (using the Oculus Rift headset) for Amazon; Donlin Gold mine plan and process animation; The Pebble Partnership permitting, community outreach, and viewshed analysis work; Torex Gold mine process animation through Material Handling Solutions; and museum and cultural projects like The Alaska State Library Archives Museum Interactive Map Experience and Indigenous Watercraft Exhibit; artifact scanning and modeling for various museums, countless Architectural renderings for Architectural and Interior Design firms from rural Alaska to Madison Avenue in NYC; city planning models; simulator skins and environment and lately work for the United States Airforce in developing Virtual Reality interactives for training, collaboration and mission control. 

Sincerely, Dov Margalit, Director and owner of Res3D

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