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Resolution 3D LLC (Res3D) is an interactive visualization media studio, combining digital modeling, animation, and immersive interactive media for communication. We provide communication tools for heavy industries. We provide 3D asset modeling, the creation of interactive wrappers combined into a comprehensive digital package to facilitate communication.

Industries We Serve

Rendering, Animation and Interactive Communicaiton Solutions for Oil&Gas

Rendering, Animation and Interactive Communicaiton Solutions for Cultural

Rendering, Animation and Interactive Communicaiton Solutions for Industrial

Mobile-based interactive platform development. Base model creation, Overlay Interactive Data with embedded Interactive Content.

Kiosk-based interactive platform development. Base model creation, Overlay Interactive Data with embedded Interactive Content.

VR/AR-based interactive platform development. Base model creation, Overlay Interactive Data with embedded Interactive Content.

Mobile Platform

Res3D is an interactive media company specializing in digital communication since 2005. We virtually recreate 3D facilities, environments, products, assemblies, artifacts, and processes for communication and learning. We are a full-service digital content provider that specializes in producing interactive visitor experiences for cultural and corporate clients. We have experience with museum exhibitions, visitor centers, event installations, trade shows, and permanent and traveling exhibits. Res3D has helped create meaningful and interactive next-generation digital guest experiences utilizing video walls, touchscreen installations, mobile applications, and web resources.

Interactive Kiosk

Res3D is at its core a 3D shop with an interactive capability and the ability to wrap models and environments into an interactive experience. The interactives at Res3D are based on either 3D environments or 3D objects. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver high-quality, accurate models that are based on the actual artifact, object or facility. Whether we are working for engineers or museum curators, we pay attention to detail to make sure we are providing the most accurate depiction possible, so the immersive learning experience is well received.

VR (Virtual Reality) AR (Augmented Reality) Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) offers an excellent solution for an end-user immersive experience for product and environment interaction. At Res3D, we provide static, interactive 360 photo and full-motion interactive 360 videos and generated Computer Graphic (CG) environments and object. The VR AR interactive wrapper is a great tool for interactive, immersive learning. End-users can interact with the environment, photo, video or object to pause, play, zoom and touch hot-points to learn more about specific components and procedures.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented Reality Object Explorer

About Res3D

Res3D was founded in 2005 as a local resource for high-end digital illustrations, but the firm quickly grew into a fully-integrated digital interactive shop. Under Dov’s leadership, Res3D has been responsible for the design of many innovative digital interactive experiences including Cephalon Pharmaceuticals Interactive Media Traveling Exhibit; GE Measurement and Control, GE Oil & Gas, and GE Power (eight global customer application centers); ConocoPhillips Interactive Media, Mobile Application, and 3D Animations; State of Texas Multimedia Interactive Games to Promote Tourism; FOX Studios Immersive VR (Virtual Reality) Experience (using the Oculus Rift headset) for Amazon; and the Alaska State Library Archives Museum Interactive Map Experience and Indigenous Watercraft Exhibit.

The Foundation of Res3D

Dov Margalit is the Director of Interactive Digital Multimedia and Founder of Resolution 3D LLC (Res3D). A graduate of the Pratt School of Industrial Design in New York, Dov works with the environmental design team from the inception of our projects to create a vision for media programs that will seamlessly integrate into the design and deliver stories that communicate the mission and main messages of our clients. Dov’s work experience includes producing interactive media for environmental, mobile, and web-based interactives. He leads a talented team of 3D graphic designers, computer modelers, and programmers to achieve highest levels of communication and aesthetics. Dov is an expert at integrating interactive media, computer modeling, and illustrations into usable interpretative experiential digital media. He is a leader in the interactive multimedia industry with the ability to collaborate with consultants and vendors around the world, allowing him to break down limitations, expand client expectations, and increase project outcomes.

Oil and Gas Gallery

Samples of Oil and Gas projects

Museums and Cultural Gallery

Samples of museums and cultural projects for Alaska State Library Archives and Sea Alaska

Mining Gallery

Samples of Mining Projects

Power Gallery

Samples of Power and Power Distribution Projects