Application development and software development

Digital visualization, computer modeling, and animation

Resolution 3D LLC (Res3D) is an application development media studio, combining digital modeling, animation, immersive interactive media, and application development, providing communication tools for the following disciplines:


Mining cutaway 

Interactive Media, Exhibits

We provide a suite of services for our clients. We provide computer modeling for 3D asset/environment creation and immersive interactive solutions to showcase product offerings within the context of the end user’s discipline. End users can explore, learn, train, and inform through an interactive process

VR (Virtual Reality) visualization for an immersive experience. Project for GE Power.

Interactive watercraft exhibit for SLAM (State Library Archives Museum) in Juneau Alaska


In addition to doing 3D visualization and modeling, we are providing data visualization, programming, and software development aimed at helping our clients envision analytics, data, system processing to assist with daily operations, compliance, and the planning of growth strategies.

Interactive watercraft exhibit for SLAM (State Library Archives Museum) in Juneau Alaska

F1 Rocket motor iPad interactive for exploring the historic F1 Rocket motor design by Aerojet Rocketdyne.


In support of our clients’ needs to present their products in multiple venues, we provide the complete package solution from 3D asset creation, UI (User Interface) graphic design, and branding wrapped in interactive applications for client end-user use. Our 3D interactive tools are used for tradeshow exhibits, lobby experiences, museums, corporations, and heavy industries.

Interactive kiosk concept for Sea Alaska Native Corporation.

DHC-8 Flight Deck interactive concept for iPad


Res3D in addition to doing 3D visualization and modeling, we are providing data visualization, programming, and software development aimed at helping our clients envision analytics, data, system processing to assist with daily operations, compliance, and the planning of growth strategies. We specialize in data-driven software development with web-based platforms such as JavaScript, PHP, JSS, Node.JS, CSS, HTML, on hosted servers such as Google’s Firebase and AWS (Amazon Web Server) with centralized database 

repositories based on MySQL. We are also well versed in object-oriented software development such as Python used for data sciences. Additionally, we develop supporting applications for iOS mobile platforms using Objective-C, X-Code, and Swift. We specialize in developing tools for running on distributed systems for a remote workforce, cross-platform compatibility, and responsive design for optimum flexibility. We are here to help companies that span horizons to work as one interconnect cohesive unit.

3D Flight Deck model for a DHC-8-100 Aircraft built for an interactive procedural trainer. The model includes an interactive overhead panel, interactive main panel, and annunciator panel. The project was created as part of an interactive approach to pilot training for a regional airline.

3D terrain model for Condor flight simulator software.

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3D Visualization

Modeling and Animation for heavy industry, engineering, Architectural, product, and design development. Res3D provides 3D modeling support services for the complete design development process.

We provide 3D visualization, Interactive Media, 3D Printing for mine visualization, presentations, and facilities planning. Let us help you craft an interdisciplinary presentation for your resource development project.

Rendering of retail development for Alaska Summit Group


At Res3D we are experts at understanding the mining process. We can provide a complete solution from the overall plan to the details of processing and facility planning. We can help with equipment training and process training. Use our animations and interactive solutions to help train employees and illustrate processes and procedures.

Mobile IV Sytems product rendering for new product concept

Haggloader loading material onto conveyor, Gold Mine in Mexico

GE Power Turbine model built for GE Sizzle reel animation

Design disciplines we serve

  • Junior and Senior Miners, Geologist and Earth Scientist
  • Oil and Gas Completions Engineers
  • Product and Industrial Designers
  • Architects, Builders, Developers, and Engineers
  • Interior and Exhibit Designers, Facility Managers


We play a part of the permitting and design process. In addition to your submission for permitting we can provide 3D visuals of your design intent as a compliment to your written descriptions and engineering drawings and submission.

Tailings liner illustration for Anglo American

GE Power model of a combined cycle power plant


Communicating project intent can be very daunting especially to municipalities, public interest groups, stakeholders, and landowners. Let us help you craft a presentation that you can use to convey your project to make it more easily understood to the public and the greater community.

Haggloader loading material onto conveyor, Gold Mine in Mexico

Mine site animation for MH Solutions for Torex Gold

Rendering of North terminal at Ted Stevens Airport for ECI Architects

DVXT Deep water wellhead for GE Oil & Gas


We provide interdisciplinary communication solutions so engineers can communicate their projects to other engineers, decision-makers, and project stakeholders. We are experts at making an esoteric subject transparent and easy to comprehend.

Fracking fluid illustration for Conoco Phillips completion group


Type of Oil&Gas companies we work for

  • Oil Field Service
  • Oil Field Construction
  • Oil Field Service Companies
  • Oil Producers
  • Rig Designers and Builders

Heavy Industry

Res3D provides modeling, illustrations and animation support services for the Oil & Gas industry.

We provide 3D computer modeling, animation, and interactive media for communication. We offer digital 3D immersive interactive tools for meetings, for interdisciplinary discussion, outreach, and development. We assist with presentations to stakeholders, board members, community groups, and project disciplines to communicate the overall message throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Blow out preventer animation for ConocoPhillips


Our illustrators and animators can dive deep into any subject, understand it, represent it, and present in clearer than you thought possible. We are designers and engineers and will work closely with you to understand your project so it is represented accurately. We have worked on projects from major Oil and Gas developers like ConocoPhillips helping their completions group make presentation for during their design process and project validation. We have worked on several animation training videos for Nabors Drilling for projects on Alaska’s North slope for CDR2 and CDR3 Coil Tube Drilling rigs. Through that process, we have crafted safety training videos, pre-procedure prep videos that roughnecks in the field use prior to tripping in and tripping out. Since 2005 we have been an Oil and Gas compliment, helping projects in the way we know best.

CDR-3 Coil tube drilling safety rig animation for Nabors Drilling


About Res3D

Res3D was founded in 2005 as a local resource for high-end digital illustrations, but the firm quickly grew into a fully-integrated digital interactive shop. Under Dov’s leadership, Res3D has been responsible for the design of many innovative digital interactive experiences including Cephalon Pharmaceuticals Interactive Media Traveling Exhibit; GE Measurement and Control, GE Oil & Gas, and GE Power (eight global customer application centers); ConocoPhillips Interactive Media, Mobile Application, and 3D Animations; State of Texas Multimedia Interactive Games to Promote Tourism; FOX Studios Immersive VR (Virtual Reality) Experience (using the Oculus Rift headset) for Amazon; Donlin Gold mine plan and process animation; The Pebble Partnership permitting, community outreach, and viewshed analysis work; Torex Gold mine process animation through Material Handling Solutions; and museum and cultural projects like The Alaska State Library Archives Museum Interactive Map Experience and Indigenous Watercraft Exhibit.

The Foundation of Res3D

Dov Margalit is the Director of Interactive Digital Multimedia and Founder of Resolution 3D LLC (Res3D). A graduate of the Pratt School of Industrial Design in New York, Dov works with the environmental design team from the inception of our projects to create a vision for media programs that will seamlessly integrate into the design and deliver stories that communicate the mission and main messages of our clients. Dov’s work experience includes producing interactive media for environmental, mobile, and web-based interactives. He leads a talented team of 3D graphic designers, computer modelers, and programmers to achieve the highest levels of communication and aesthetics. Dov is an expert at integrating interactive media, computer modeling, and illustrations into usable interpretative experiential digital media. He is a leader in the interactive multimedia industry with the ability to collaborate with consultants and vendors around the world, allowing him to break down limitations, expand client expectations, and increase project outcomes.

I started out as a student of Architecture and but gravitated towards Industrial Design. I ended up graduating with a degree in Product Design. From early on, I was always fascinated by 3D illustration design and through that I have had the opportunity to lead this wonderful company through projects from Architectural renderings to Interactive applications for mobile and kiosk platforms. It has been an interesting experience and the thing I love the most about what we do is getting to learn about our clients and their projects, taking ownership of the process of understanding, and helping them find a way to communicate their intent. Please let us know if there is a project that we can assist with.

Sincerely, Dov Margalit, Director and owner of Res3D

DVXT Deep water wellhead for GE Oil & Gas